Snappy Tom

Snappy Tom Premium Series made with human grade made with human-grade ingredients helps increase your cat’s appetite and keep her in ideal body condition and stay healthy. The Premium recipe is divided into Jelly-filling recipes and Gravy-filling recipes. Both delicious dishes are prepared in well-cooked and great taste to keep her coming back for more.


Carnivore Diet

Shredded Meat

Purposeful Ingredients


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Chicken with

BBQ Chicken with
Whitefish & Tuna Roe

Grilled Chicken &
Prawn in a Tasty Grav

Tuna Flakes with
Chicken Breast

Whitemeat Chicken,
Whitefish & Tuna Liver

Whitemeat Chicken
with Vegetables in Gravy

Whitemeat Tuna
with Chicken Breast

Whitemeat Tuna
with Flaked Salmon